The Coating Industry

Our mission is to connect coating needs with coating solutions. We provide information about coatings and the coating industry, so that you can find the coating best suited to your project. To learn about the companies that make up the American coating market visit out industry information page, including the big players, manufacturers and suppliers.

Professional Coating Services

Having mined our information resources you can contact us, and our coatings experts will connect you with the coating partner best suited to your project and needs.

blue finish and matching rims with automotive powder coating
powdewr coating appliances such as hoovers is common
yellow powder coating furniture applied on lockers
epoxy coating on office floor
tank coating and tank lining applied on and in a row of water tanks
yellow Polyurethane paint on steel structure
fluoropolymer coating lubricates valves
fireproof paint for steel damps flames and slows down burning

Market Knowledge

Coatings and paints are a steadily growing market, with new products appearing all the time. What this means is that choosing the right coating for your project can be a challenge. That’s where we come in.  Through our professional partners and network of coating companies we strive to provide you with the most up to date information about coatings, suppliers and prices.

Coating Projects

When you are in need of professionals to assist you on coating projects, our coating experts are here and ready to help. Let us connect you with the best coating applicators & manufacturers.

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