Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-reflective coating

What is anti-reflective coating and how does it work?

Anti-reflective coating, as the name suggests, is a coating that reduces the reflection of light from surfaces. As such, it is usually used in optical devices where a very low reflection of light is desired.

The result is that more light is conserved allowing the user to judge or view things more clearly through a particular optical device. The exact way in which reflective coatings do this is by manipulating the refraction of light.

They are mostly used on eyeglasses to improve vision. In addition, they are used in telescopes so that the viewer can easily see planetary movements and other phenomenon.

Anti-reflective coating for glass

Glasses can be made much more efficient by applying anti-reflective coatings on them. The coating can then prevent a lot of light from refracting and therefore allow the viewer to look through the glass more clearly.

Such an application can be very useful when applied on cars. The glasses on a car can be very distracting if the light keeps on reflecting. This is especially true on sunny days when the light from the sun prevents the driver from seeing properly.

This is because the reflected light blurs the driver’s vision. Applying anti-reflective coating on the glasses can ease the driver of such troubles.

Anti-reflective coating for glasses and sunglasses

Applying anti-reflective coating on sunglasses and eyeglasses and be very beneficial for one’s eyes. This is because the coatings prevent a lot of reflection of light. This ensures that you can see more clearly and easily.

Such coatings can reduce eye strain to a great extent thus improving your vision. Furthermore, eyeglasses that do not reflect light can make your eyes more visible to others. Therefore, the coating allows for better communication and eye contact for those with eyeglasses.

Given that most eyeglasses have plastic lenses, these anti-reflective coatings can make the plastic lenses more effective just like glass lenses.

Anti-glare coating what is the difference and anti-glare coating for laptop, computer and glasses

Anti-glare coating and anti-reflective coating are one and the same thing. Both are used to prevent light from reflecting off surfaces. Anti-glare coatings can therefore be applied on computer and laptop screens.

The use of such coatings on glass was mentioned earlier. As far as laptops and computers are concerned, their screens tend to reflect a significant amount of light. As such, it is not uncommon for various users to have a lot of eye strain when looking at the screens.

This can damage one’s eyesight and therefore applying anti-reflective coating on digital screens can greatly reduce such risks and make one’s work much easier.

Anti-reflective coating manufacturers and cost in the USA

There are a number of providers of anti-reflective coating in USA. The coating usually costs around $50 – $100. Framesdirect and Lenskart are some of the suppliers. More can be found on

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