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Decorative coating makes the world beautiful

The global decorative coating and paints market is expected to reach a worth of $114.72 BILLION by 2021, growing by $28 billion from 2016. People love to beautify their lives, and with decorative coatings improving and expanding all the time, it is no wonder that the market is expected to boom.

Decorative coatings are considered “architectural coatings”; they are used in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings, for interiors and exteriors, and are water- or solvent-based.

Over the last decade, the push for environmentally friendly coatings has driven the development of more water-based coatings, and low-VOC (volatile organic compound) composition. Practically every manufactured “thing” is coated, whether for a decorative, modifying, or protective finish. These coatings include wall paint, enamels, primers, undercoats, varnishes, and stains.

Decorative paint comes in many colors

Decorative paint comes in many colors

What do decorative coatings do?

Decorative coatings play an important role in creating the atmosphere of a structure. From prisons to living rooms to hospitals, the choice of decorative coating affects how you feel in a space. An office space requires a more business-like environment, while a school needs a pleasant environment to encourage learning. Choosing the right decorative coating can achieve this.

Walls and ceilings aren’t the only substrates for decorative coatings. Within the home you can apply decorative paint to doors, window frames, furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, floors. Some paints are both functional and decorative.

Types of decorative coating

Base Coats

If you want your decorative coating to look perfect, you need the right base coat. These come in primers and first coats. A primer is used on new uncoated surfaces to provide a good base for the top coats. A first coat is used to provide a base that is similar in color to the finish, meaning fewer coats of finish will be required to get the expected result.


Decorative finishes come in flat (or matt), eggshell, gloss and satin. These describe the reflective quality of the paint once it has dried. A flat finish is the least shiny, eggshell has a slight sheen, gloss and satin are both shiny, but satin is slightly less so. A flat paint would be used for walls and ceiling, where the gloss might be applied to woodwork, or metal surfaces.

Water-based vs Solvent-based

At their simplest, paints are made by combining a binder with a pigment. A water-based paint most often uses a polymer as its binder, where a solvent-based paint commonly uses alkyd resins. The thing for the consumer to remember is that the water-based paints are more environmentally friendly and easier to apply, which is why an estimated 90% of the market is water-based.

Different decorative coatings for different substrates

Decorative paints can be applied with brush, a roller or spray

Decorative paints can be applied with brush, a roller or spray

Many manufacturers make specialty products, intended for use on specific substrates. These substrates include:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Textile
  • Drywall
  • Tile
  • Fiberglass

…And many, many more. Manufacturers with products available in the US market include AkzoNobel, Sherwin-Williams, Jotun, Behr, Benjamin Moore and Valspar.

Brand Product
Sherwin-Williams Harmony Interior Acrylic Latex

All Surface Enamel Oil Base

 Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Paint – Eggshell

ben Exterior Paint – Flat

 PPG Paints Accent Color Base

Diamond 350

Rust-Oleum RosckSolid Garage Floor Kit

Specialty Gold Glitter Spray


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