Fireproof Paint for Wood

intumescent paint for wood

Protect yourself with fireproof paint for wood

Fire has always been one of the greatest threats to homes. In the US in 2015, there were 400,000 residential fires, causing thousands of deaths, injuries, and billions of dollars in damage and loss of property. With a one in four chance that your household will have a fire serious enough to report to the fire department during your lifetime, you need to be aware of all the possible fire protection methods on the market. One of these is fireproof paint for wood.

The fire department responds to, on average, one home fire every 86 seconds. 80% of civilian fire deaths are due to home structure fires.

What is fireproof paint for wood?

Fireproof paint” is a term used to describe two types of passive fire protection: fire resistant paint and fire retardant paint. There is no such as thing a a completely fireproof paint (not yet, anyway), but these coatings work to protect a substrate from fire, extending the time for evacuation and giving fire fighters more time to get a blaze under control.

The effect of fire on intumescent paint

The effect of fire on intumescent paint

  1. Fire retardant coatings release a flame damping gas when exposed to fire. This gas dilutes the flammable gases that feed the fire, slowing its progress and fury. These coatings are available for interior and exterior surfaces, treated and untreated wood and come in translucent and tinted varnishes.
  2. Fire resistant coatings, also known as intumescent coating, react to fire by insulating the substrate. The heat of a fire triggers a reaction which causes the paint to swell to 15 or even 50 times its original size and form a solid foam called a char. Char does not conduct heat, and so it insulates the substrate from the damaging effects of the fire for 30 or even 60 minutes. There are fire resistant paints for timber, treated and untreated, hardwoods and softwoods, interior and exterior surfaces.

How fireproof paint protects you and your property

Fire resistant and fire retardant paints can increase the fire protection of your home. The coating can be used on wood, lumber, plywood and treated or untreated timbers for interior or exteriors.

Applying a fireproof paint for wood

Applying a fireproof paint for wood

Other benefits include:

  • Extending evaucation time
  • Maintaining structural integrity, preventing building collapse
  • Protecting against UV radiation
  • Insulates furniture, doors and flooring safely
  • Fire door upgrades

Fire resistant paint and fire retardant paint can be combined to form a dual layer fire protection system. With the insulating intumescent paint as the base coat and the flame damping paint as the top coat, the fire protection of the substrate is extended even further.

Find products and suppliers in the US

Fireproof paint for wood can be applied by brush, roller, or spray and there are many companies that have products in the US market. As well as suppliers, there are also a growing number of companies that specialize in application. Fireproof coatings are a growing market, and brands include:

Brand Product
Shield Industries Fireguard E-84
Zeroflame Fire Retardant Paint
Flame Stop Flame Stop I-DS
Firefree Firefree88
FlameOFF Fire Barrier Paint


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