Non Skid Paint

non skid paint

Use non skid paint and prevent accidents at work and home

Falls are the third leading cause of unintentional death, and the leading cause of hospital visits in the US. In 2014, more than 30,000 people died in a fall in homes and communities, and nearly 50,000 were injured as the result of a fall in the workplace. Many business use non skid paint to prevent accidents and high liability costs, but anti slip coatings can be applied at home too.

If an employee slips at work there is injury, sick leave, health care costs and insurance to contend with. Problems areas for slipping and falling are bathrooms, hallways, stairs, garages, or anywhere with a slick surface.

Top 5 benefits of anti slip paint

Non skid paint protects employees from injury

Applying a non-skid paint can prevent accident and injury

Safety is the number one reason to use non skid paint. There is a non skid coating for almost any substrate, including non slip paint for metal and concrete. As well as being anti slip, these coatings give added benefits:

  1. Increases surface durability
  2. Provides chemical and abrasion resistance
  3. Waterproof and easy to clean
  4. Protects from weathering
  5. Withstands high mechanical loads and impacts

Non slip paint for Metal

Metal surfaces become perilously slippery when wet, and sometimes even when dry. A non slip coating for metal will not only increase the safety of the surface, but it also comes in different finishes and colors. The coatings are easy to clean, chemical resistant, water resistant, water- or solvent- based and can withstand mechanical loads.

Applying non skid paint for wood

Non-skid paint for wood can be used on interior and exterior surfaces

A non skid paint for metal is often a two component coating system. Using an epoxy coating as the base, an additive such as anti slip beads or granular aggregate is put in to roughen up the surface. This is what provides the anti slip properties. There are also single component epoxies available.

Non slip paint for Wood

There are anti slip coating systems suitable for all types of wood: hardwood, softwood, interior, exterior, decking, floors, stairs. Unlike anti slip coating for metal, the coatings for wood do not always contain a visible aggregate, allowing you to apply it to decking or stairs without losing the wood aesthetic.

Non skid paint for wood has other benefits too: it creates a water repellent barrier over the substrate, increases surface durability, and protects from weathering and UV radiation.

Non slip paint for Concrete

For the safety of the public and employees, it is very important to have anti slip paint in factories, garages and parking lots. Anti slip paint for concrete works like that for metal; rough aggregate is added to a base and painted, or the rough aggregate can also be spread over the base after application. It is suitable for sealed or unsealed concrete, cracked or uneven surfaces and is fast and easy to apply.

Non skid paint manufacturers and cost in the US

There are a number of providers of non-skid coatings in the US. Brands include Evercoat, West Marine, KiwiGrip, Interlux and Tuff Coat. Prices range from $30 to $150 depending upon the brand and the quantity. For a more thorough look at the products available, head over to the non slip paint page for your desired substrate. If you would like guidance for your anti skid paint project, our experts are here to help. Just get in contact through the “Request a quote” button at the bottom of this article!

Brand Product
Evercoat Skid-No-More
West Marine SeaGloss Pro Nonskid Paint
KiwiGrip Non-skid System
Interlux Intergrip No Skid Compound Paint Additive
Tuff Coat UT-100: Standard Rubberized Coating
Zinsser Skid-Tex

Need more non skid paint guidance? Our experts are here to help.

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