Oleophobic Coating

oleophobic coating

Oleophobic coating and nanotechnology; no more stains, smudges or dirt!

Everyone hates that moment when they turn off their smartphone and suddenly, out of nowhere, hundreds of dirty fingerprints appear, smeared across the screen and silently accusing. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer these scourges anymore. All you need is nanotechnology, and an oleophobic coating.

Oleophobic coatings are the most used anti-fingerprint coating on screens and glasses, providing a repelling barrier between the screen and your skin.

Good to know: lipophobic is a term sometimes used instead of oleophobic. Lipophobic means “fat fearing”.

So, what is oleophobic coating?

Oleophobic literally means “afraid of oils”, and it refers to moelcules or substances that have such a strong aversion to oil they appear to repel it. If you have ever tried to combine oil and water you have seen this effect for yourself. An oleophobic coating is a coating made from an oleophobic substance, providing a layer of protection between the substrate and your oily fingers using the wonders of nanotechnology.

Most oleophobic coatings are fluoropolymer-based, and you are probably more familiar with them than you think; one example is polytetrafluoroethylene, better known as Teflon.

Protect your screen with oleophobic coating

oleophobic coating

An oleophobic coating protects your phone screen from smudges and fingerprints, and also the occasional spill

You know that slick feeling of a new touchscreen, or a smartphone right out of the box? That feeling is an oleophobic coating. It does not make the screen fingerprint-proof, but it keeps the grease at a minimum by not letting it stick to the surface. One wipe and it is gone.

Gorilla Glass and tempered glass

“Gorilla Glass”is the brand name of the glass that is used in many touchscreens. Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Huawei, HTC all use it. Gorilla Glass is a form of toughened glass, with an increased capacity to resist cracking and contain flaws, and it comes with its own oleophobic coating. Tempered glass screen protectors are thin layers of strengthened glass applied to a phone screen to protect it from damage. Tempered glass also has an oleophobic coating. Neither of them is scratch proof.

Oleophobic coatings for more than screens

Oleophobic coatings can also be used on glasses, kitchens, even clothes

Oleophobic coatings can also be used on glasses, kitchens, even clothes

There are many industries besides smartphones that use oleophobic coatings for their products. As a consumer product an oleophobic coating is most often a spray or a wipe. The oleophobic properties are sometimes combined with hydrophobic or super hydrophobic characteristics to create coatings that are both water and oil repellent.

  • Kitchen/bathroom: ceramics and glass in these spaces can be treated to repel oil, making cleaning far easier.
  • Textiles: make your shoes and clothes waterproof and dirt and grease repellent.
  • Car interiors: There are many surfaces in a car interior which are prone to becoming obscured with smudges. A hydrophobic and oleophobic spray will keep car interiors clean (or at least easy to clean).

How to restore your oleophobic coating

Most touchscreen devices include an oleophobic coating as part of manufacture. Unfortunately this wears off with time, use, or alcohol-based cleaning products. Fortunately, if this happens you can purchase an oleophobic coating kit and apply the coating yourself. An oleophobic coating will also provide some protection against scratches.

Luckily this is an easy process and can be done at home. You can apply anti-fingerprint oleophobic coatings fast with the right kit, in three simple steps:

  1. Clean the screen with a microfibre cloth (usually included in the coating kit)
  2. Apply the coating liquid to the screen. This may be through drops, spray, or wipes, and may be required multiple times.
  3. After the liquid has dried, wipe the screen with a cloth and away you go. Good as new!

Oleophobic coating manufacturers in the USA

There are many companies that sell their products on the American market. Rust-Oleum has an oleophobic treatment called NeverWet, which can be used on metal, concrete, wood and more. Nanoslic has applications in agriculture, healthcare and electronics. Sono-Tek provides oleophobic coating solutions for glass. If you want more information, please get in touch!

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