Pee Proof Paint

Pee proof paint

Protect property and walls with pee proof paint

Anyone walking through a modern city has smelt it; passing a dark alley or secluded doorway and suddenly the waft of stale urine. Public urination is a problem for city managers everywhere, and thousands of dollars are spent cleaning urine from walls and pavement. This problem is especially bad in areas with a vibrant nightlife and patrons too drunk or too lazy to use a restroom. But now cities the world over are investing in a coatings-based solution: pee proof paint.

Hamburg, Germany started the pee proof paint trend, painting the walls of the red light district and putting up signs saying “we pee back”.

Rather than wake up to a city that smells like a sewer (particularly in the heat of summer), American cities are applying the same idea to their anti-urination efforts. San Francisco was the first, but now other cities such as Philadelphia are following suit.

Pee proof paint

How pee proof paint “pees back”

So how does the anti urine paint work? Essentially it is a clear hydrophobic or oleophobic coating which repels most water-based, and some oil-based, liquids from any surface it is sprayed on. It works by forming a landscape of high points and lower regions (invisible to the eye) which prevent water from being able to stick to it. In fact it is superhydrophobic, not only does it repel liquids it is self-cleaning, too. This kind of coating is also known as a nano-coating. because it works on a nanoscopic scale.

Anti urine coating is invisible until you pee on it. Then, rather than trickling down the wall the urine will bounce back – all over your shoes and trousers. Would you risk it? Pee proof coating:

  • Discourages urinating
  • Protects a substrate from urine
  • Is sustainable and adheres well
  • Is easy and fast to apply
  • Reduces offensive stains
  • Protects public areas from foul odors
  • Reduces the risk of spreading diseases
  • Prevents ice, corrosion and bacteria

Pee proof paint helps combat public urination

Before turning to the paint that pees back, San Francisco had tried other punitive measures. Public urination has been banned since 2002, with a $50 to $100 fine for offenders, but to no avail. The results of the urine repellent paint have been positive, the San Francisco Public Works Director described the measure as 95% successful according to daily monitoring the smell and sight of urine on the streets. Philadelphia is using pee proof paint to protect the transit system.

And it is not just us humans causing a problem, our dog and cat friends are equally guilty. Urine corrodes light posts to the point where they collapse!

Pee proof paint is the "paint that pees back", bouncing urine back at shoes and trousers

Pee proof paint is the “paint that pees back”, bouncing urine back at shoes and trousers

You can use pee proof paint for concrete, metal, and wood

One of the great advantages of urine repellent paint is its versatility. With the right primer, it can be applied to all kinds of substrates. Whether you have concrete, wood or metal, you can protect it with pee proof paint.

The reason you need to protect your substrate from urine is the high ammonia and acids content, which damages and wears away whatever it on. Not to mention the offensive odors and stains it leaves behind. Cleaning urine can be a gruesome and time-consuming task, as well as expensive.

Rather than watching as your property deteriorates, or spending time worrying about steam cleaning urine, it makes sense to apply a urine repelling coating.

Pee proof paint manufacturers and suppliers

With the success in San Francisco, many American cities and consumers are turning to anti pee paint. There are several companies operating in the US who produce pee proof paint, including Ultra Never Dry, the paint used in San Francisco. It is easy to apply, and like all coatings you must first properly prepare the substrate for the best application.

For a breakdown of coating and paint companies in the US, head to our overview page.

Brand Product
UltraTech Ultra-Ever Dry
Rust-Oleum NeverWet
Hydrobead Hydrobead Two-Part
BASF MasterProtect C 350

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