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polyurea coating

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Polyurea coatings are the result of a reaction between an isocyanate and a resin blend, which forms a plastic- or rubber-like compound. Polyurea coating can be used in similar ways to other older technologies like polyurethane and epoxy. Like the older technologies, it provides many different protective properties to its substrates. Unlike the other coatings, polyurea coating is fast set and fast return-to-service, meaning the downtime is many times less than with another paint.

Here you will learn about polyurea coating and find a list of polyurea coating suppliers and manufacturers for all your project needs in the US.

Top 5 advantages of a polyurea coating

A polyurea coating is versatile and flexible with substrate and environment, but it has many other advantages too:

  1. 100% solids: with a 1:1 volume ratio the need for extra coats is eliminated, and the fast curing time (in seconds or minutes) means there is an almost immediate return-to-service time. Without solvents it also VOC free and environmentally friendly.
  2. High resistance: A polyurea coating provides chemical, abrasion, and UV resistance, as well as having temperature tolerance between -65ºF and 300°F.
  3. Corrosion protection
  4. Waterproof: Polyurea coatings have moisture insensitivity/resistance, meaning humidity and moisture from substrates will not affect it. They have low permeability and are also resilient to water.
  5. Flexiblility and strength: the high elongation of the polymer means that it will stretch. It also resists punctures and tears.

The polyurea paint application process

One of the great advantages of a polyurea coating is its ability to adhere to any substrate, whether concrete, metal, wood, and more. Not only that, but it can be applied in a wide range of temperature and humidity environments. Polyurea should be applied by professional contractors. The coatings needs to be heated to 140°F-160°F for optimum processing, and the equipment required needs training and skills.

Most polyurea coatings are spray applied, whether for industrial use or in the construction market. Spray application is the fastest method, and allows the polyurea to be accurately proportioned and mixed. This means the polyurea is applied at almost any thickness in one, or multiple passes. Polyurea can be added to in order to give it purpose-specific properties such as surface textures, colors and even non skid properties.

polyurea coating usa

Polyurea coating is a rubber-like coating which is commonly sprayed onto a substrate

Typical applications include:

  • Pipeline coating and lining
  • Bridge and rail coatings
  • Tank coating/lining
  • Marine environment protection
  • Truck bed lining (such as the indestructible Line-X coating)
  • Manhole and sewer lining
  • Flooring and parking decks
  • Warehouse floors

The list of polyurea coating suppliers in the US

There are polyurea coating suppliers, manufacturers, and professional contractors across the country, as you can see in the table below. Whether you are looking for equipment, materials or a contractor, contact us and we can connect you with what you need. Just use the “Request a quote” button at the bottom of this article! If you are a polyurea supplier or manufacturer and would like to be included on the list, please let us know!

AdvaCoatPolyurea Joint Filler for cold storage areas, industrial warehouses, freezers, etcArizona, Southern California
Bridge Preservation LLCSpray applied waterproofing for highway, railroad, bridge deck, and tunnel structuresUS-wide
Diamond LinersPolyurea equipment and technology distributionUS-wide
Falcon TechnologiesPolyurea coating technologies, liners and products for concrete-coating, metal-coating applicationsUS-wide
Line-X“Indestructible” polyurea coatings for bedliners, and protective coatings for industrial, manufacturing, and commercial purposes US-wide
Maclan CorporationPolyurea spray services for concrete, metal, rubber, wood, plastic.US-wide
Titan LinerPolyurea for coatings, spill containment, pipelinesSouthwest US, Texas, New Mexico, North Dakota
VersaFlexFormulates, manufactures and supplies pure polyurea protective coatings, liners, joint fillers and repair materialsUS-wide

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