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Where to find powder coating Los Angeles

Powder coating is growing in popularity due to its durability, flexibility, range of attractive finishes, cost efficiency, and low/zero VOC properties. Applying a powder coat requires specialized equipment and skills, but fortunately there are many expert powder coating Los Angeles businesses. There are facilities for smaller consumer projects such as lawn furniture and wheels, as well as larger commercial and industrial projects.

As with any project, the substrate, its environment and its intended end-use are all vitally important to your coating choices. We have a breakdown of the costs and processes involved in powder coating prices. If you need any coating guidance, or would like us to connect you with the best coating partner for your needs, please contact us!

Company Services
Sundial Powder Coating Residential powder coating for metal, glass, and others
Tortoise Industries Commercial and residential metal coating
WAAG Automotive, industrial and residential metal coating
Valmont-George Industries Decorative and functional metal coating
Aircoat Inc. Aircraft, medical, and computer coatings
Powder Coat Unlimited Automotive and residential metal coatings
Andrews Powder Coating Inc. Automotive, architectural, and industrial coatings
Safeway Sandblaster Automotive, commercial and residential coatings
Diamond Hand-Crafted Artistic Ironworks Residential, commercial, and automotive coatings
Pyramid Powder Coating Industrial, architectural, and automotive coatings
Quality Powder Coatings Residential, industrial and commercial coatings
Beach Cities Powder Coating Commercial and automotive coatings
MetalChem Plating & Coating Commercial aerospace and military applications
Crisol Metal Finishing Commercial, residential, and industrial coating
Alpha Powder Coat Automotive and commercial coating
American PVD Automotive coatings
D&G Powder Coating Automotive and residential coatings


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