What to Expect from Powder Coating Prices in the USA

Powder coating prices

Powder coating prices in the USA

Powder coating is a durable and decorative coating that is equally at home protecting hard-wearing machinery and weatherproofing patio furniture. Its range of applications covers automotive, industrial, marine, and residential sectors, and its range of benefits includes extreme durability, cost efficiency, eco-friendly formulation, and versatility. It is no wonder that it is a billion-dollar industry, or that there are loads of powder coating companies operating across North-America. However, like most things powder coating prices vary from coast to coast, but there are some general rules to work out the average costs.

In this article we will outline the powder coating prices for industrial, commercial, and automotive applications, as well as some general guidelines as to how these prices are determined. We will also provide a number of powder coating companies operating in the US, and example prices for rims, motorcycles, fences, and more.

Factors that affect the powder coating prices

Powder coating any item requires several steps, and depending on the quantity, volume and substrates there can be extra considerations which affect the final cost. The contributing factors include.

  • Item size and quantity – The surface area of an item determines the cost: A fence may be a larger piece than a table top but the surface area is smaller, this will be reflected in the price. Whether the powder coating applicator uses an automated line or manually organized batch system can also affect cost – if you have a large number of parts to coat, an automated line is the better option. Large volume often qualifies for discounts in powder coating price per square foot.
  • Surface preparation – A substrate needs to be prepared in order to have an effective and successful coating. In order to ensure this, a substrate is pre-treated by cleaning, degreasing, stripping, and/or abrasive blasting.
  • “Stock” vs non-stock colors – Each powder coater will have a variety of stock colors available, as well as a catalog of possible options. Ordering in non-stock powders will of course increase the price. More unusual colors or finishes will also cost more.

Automotive powder coating prices – motorcycles and cars

The reasons for applying powder coating to a vehicle can range from protective to decorative. Powder coat’s hardness and durability make it a perfect choice for giving a vehicle a fresh look or upgrading a paint that is failing. In either case, the proper pre-treatment steps will need to be followed, and for vehicles the choice for extra layers of coating or for a final sealing clear coat are also possible. For cars powder coating rims and engine parts are popular, while motorcycles often have their frames powder coated.

Automotive part for powder coatingAverage powder coating price in USD
Motorcycle frame$150-200
Motorcycle handlebars$30-50
Auto wheels/rims (standard 7″ wide wheel)$50-150 each, dependent on wheel size and number of coats
Auto valve cover (4 cylinder)$40

Powder coating pricing for agricultural and residential items

The prevalence of metal in agricultural and residential sectors means there are plenty of opportunities for powder coating. In an agricultural setting the durability and hard-wearing nature of powder coating can enhance and protect everything from steel beams for sheds or barns to equipment. Patio furniture, fencing, bed frames, and wagons can also be coated. As with automotive coating, the cost will reflect the surface area and difficulty of the piece to be coated.

Powder coating itemAverage powder coating price in USD
Fence$6-8 per square foot of fencing
Round patio table (40″)$100
Tractor seat$40

Where to find commercial and industrial powder coating services in the US

Not all powder coating applicators have the capacity to deal with commercial and industrial orders – either because the oven size required is too large, or they don’t have the factory space. However, there are plenty of companies and applicators across the US who are able to deal with large orders. These companies provide commercial and industrial orders with a price on request, as no two jobs are the same and each will have different requirements.

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Powder Coating CompanyLocationPossible Part Dimensions
Burton Metal Finishing IncColumbus, Ohio28’L x 8’W x 8’H
Georgia Powder CoatingGainesville, Georgia30’L x 10’W x 10’H
Portland Powder Coating IncPortland, Oregon30’L x 9.5’W x 9’H
Skagit Powder Coating IncMount Vernon, Washington30’L x 13’W x 9’H

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