Anti graffiti coating new york

New York City - Anti Graffiti Coating Services

Anti graffiti coating suppliers and services in New York, NY Are you looking for a anti graffiti coating or a service provider in or around NY? See our overview of anti graffiti coating New York, NY based companies and services. In order…
Architectural coating trends for 2018 are bold

The Top Architectural Coating Trends of 2018

Stay on top of the latest architectural coating trends New York fashion week may seem a million miles away from which paint to use for a bathroom renovation, but really the two are much closer than they seem. Coating and paint designers take…
coating inspector

Why You Need a Certified Coating Inspector

Why you need a coating inspector "Do it once, do it right"ought to be the mantra of the coatings industry. The importance of applying the right coating, in the right conditions, to a substrate that has been properly prepared, cannot be understated;…
American coating innovations

Top 5 American Coating Innovations

American coating innovations: industry front-runners The history of America is one of invention. From the garage experimenters to teams of scientists collaborating on some of the biggest inventions of our time, America has been a huge influence…
VOC emission concentrator

Reduce the Cost of Compliance with an Emission Concentrator

Environmental regulatory compliance and the coating industry It is estimated that 60 percent of the global market for architectural paints, coatings, and finishes are water-based, or waterborne, instead of solvent-based. In the U.S., use of…
using induatrial coating equipment for spray application

Industrial Coating Equipment - All You Need to Succeed

Industrial coating equipment for a successful coating process Any industrial and commercial company that applies coatings either as service or as a standard part of production, automatically also deals with strict regulations related to the…
The future of medical coatings

The Future of Medical Coatings

Medical coatings make safer, better, more efficient healthcare The medical coating industry is just like any other, driven by innovation, technology, and the needs of consumers. By adopting new technologies, healthcare providers can improve…
smog-eating coating

Clean the Air with Smog-Eating Coating and Materials

Los Angeles is famous for its smog warnings - but it doesn't have to be Los Angeles is a natural pollution trap. The surrounding mountains hem the city in, and lead to temperature inversion. This traps the daily emanations of millions of cars…

Fordite: The Gem Made From Automotive Paint

Old car factories produce gorgeous stones made from car paint If you have ever looked at the colorful, glossy sheen of a newly-painted car and thought "that would make some amazing cufflinks" or "I'd love some earrings in that color" then you…
oleophobic coating

Oleophobic Coating: Versatile and Multi-Purpose Protection

Low friction and better performance with oleophobic coating Oleophobic literally means “afraid of oils”, but for a coating or surface this can be more accurately described as oil-repelling or oil-shedding. An oleophobic coating provides…
Metal coating

The Polymer Coatings Used for Industrial Metal Coating

Metal coating - The protective industrial guardian Metal is a tough, strong, durable material used for countless purposes across every industry. From the medical sector to pipelines, construction to the automotive industry, metal coatings…

Self-Healing, Water Repellent Coating

A new breakthrough: self-healing, water repellent coating A coating that is water-repellent and can heal itself? It might sound too good to be true, but researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a self-healing, water repellent…
tank coating contractors

Where to Find Tank Coating Contractors

A look at tank coating contractors in the US Tank coating is a vital part of the protective system of a tank. Both the internal and external walls of a tank require protection; the inside needs to protect what is being stored, as well as protect…
Invisible food coating

Invisible Food Coating

Invisible food coating When you live near a suitable market, getting fresh food is not difficult at all! Also, when you have a way to properly store the food, and you can consume it all before it goes bad there are no problems here. Everyone…

Hydrophilic Coating

What is hydrophilic coating? Quite possibly one of the farthest reaching advances in the field of medical device technologies in the last half century has to have been the creation of a wettable, low friction hydrophilic coating that can be…
new york

Epoxy coating New York

Epoxy coating suppliers and services in New York, NY Are you looking for a epoxy coating or a service provider in or around NY? See our overview of epoxy coating New York, NY based companies and services. In order to extend our reach,…
powder coating los angeles

Decorative coating Los Angeles

Decorative coating suppliers and services in Los Angeles, CA Are you looking for a decorative coating or a service provider in or around Los Angeles? See our overview of decorative coating Los Angeles, CA based companies and services. In…
instant UV floor coating

Instant UV Floor Coating

Instant UV floor coating There is a coating system on the market that cures at the speed of light! The floor is instantly dry and impact resistant only seconds after applying. This is all possible with the patented Instant Coating from SolidLux. The…
Metal Coating Los Angeles

Metal Coating Los Angeles

The protective power of metal coating So you have a metal project that needs coating. Whether you need anodizing, galvanizing, or powder coating, we have your metal coating Los Angeles. Find here a comprehensive list of the metal coating companies…
new york

Decorative coating New York

Decorative coating suppliers and services in New York, NY Are you looking for a decorative coating or a service provider in or around New York? See our overview of decorative coating New York, NY based companies and services. In order to…
Types of coating materials

Types of Coating Materials

Types of coating materials Coating materials are applied in a thin film to provide protection or decoration to a surface. Most films are thin in comparison to the workpiece. In order to achieve the desired characteristics from the thin film,…
Optical coating

Optical Coating

Alter reflectivity and transmission with optical coating An optical coating is one or more thin layers of a variety of materials, deposited onto an optical surface (such as a lens or mirror) in order to enhance or alter the transmission or…
types of coating

Types of Coating

Types of coating There are many types of coating available today, from fire resistant, to antimicrobial, to anti-slip. Coating can be divided by type, but also by market segment. The main coating segments are described below. Architectural…
solar coating

Solar Coating

Solar coating: the advance of clean energy The solar industry in the United States is growing at a record pace, in part because the cost to install solar has dropped by more than 70% since 2010. There is a change in the air when it comes to…
powder coating dallas

Powder Coating Dallas - Find Services Near You

Durable, versatile, and attractive - why you need powder coating Powder coating is a resilient coating that uses powdered paint that is baked onto a surface. It is durable, tough, chemical and abrasion resistant, and available in a wide variety…
nature's own nano coating on a leaf

How to Choose the Right Nano Coating

Nano coating offers protection down to the nanoscale 'Nanotechnology' is science, engineering, and technology that involves the manipulation of matter with dimensions of 1 to 100 nanometers, also called the nanoscale. To get a sense of just…
Dallas skyline

Where to get Anti Graffiti Coating in Dallas

Anti graffiti coating suppliers and services in Dallas, TX Are you looking for a anti graffiti coating or a service provider in or around Dallas? See our overview of anti graffiti coating Dallas based companies and services. In order to extend…
wind turbine coating

How Wind Turbine Coating Improves Wind Energy Production

Wind turbine coating helps the American wind energy industry In 2017, wind power in the US accounted for more than 6% of all generated electrical energy. Fourteen states have 10% or more of their energy generation coming from wind power. Wind…
powder coating chicago

Metal coating Chicago

Metal coating suppliers and services in Chicago, Illinois Are you looking for a metal coating or a service provider in or around Chicago? See our overview of metal coating Chicago, IL based companies and services. In order to extend our…
powder coating miami

Powder Coating Miami - Local Powder Coaters

Powder coat your way to a flawless finish no matter the color For range of colors and special effects finishes it is hard to beat powder coating. With color possibilities in the thousands and a dry-apply and bake process that means a sag-and-drip-free…
LiquiGlide nonstick coating prevents waste in packaging

LiquiGlide Nonstick Coating

Never leave any ketchup behind with LiquiGlide nonstick coating Have you ever gotten to that last bit of sauce, glue, or shampoo in a bottle and wished there were a way to use every last drop? Well, it turns out this happens to MIT professors…
types of industrial coatings

Types of Industrial Coatings

Types of industrial coatings Science has given the world an increasingly diverse range of types of industrial coatings, like polymeric coatings that improve the performance and durability of concrete, steel and other industrial building materials.…
stealth coatings

Stealth Coatings

Over the last decades there were a lot of huge visible flight innovations, but there are also a few major invisible ones. Nowadays special stealth coatings are available. The coating turns any aircraft into a radar evading stealth plane. Stealth…
Epoxy-phenolic coating

Epoxy-Phenolic Coating

What is epoxy-phenolic coating and why use it? Epoxy-phenolic coating offer consistent high quality protection for a wide range of applications including immersion service for most acids, solvents, and salts. This epoxy-phenolic coatings is…
Biodegradable polymer coating

Biodegradable Polymer Coating

What is biodegradable polymer coating? Medical implants often carry surface substrates that release active substances or to which biomolecules or cells can adhere better. However, degradable gas-phase coatings (biodegradable polymer coating)…