The Best Anti Graffiti Paint For Your Property

Prevent vandalism with anti graffiti paint

Graffiti, like most, can be done well or terribly. A beautiful piece of wall art can really lift a community but, unfortunately, most graffiti is a nuisance for councils and property owners. The value of a building decreases if there is graffiti on it. Unwanted graffiti should be removed as soon as it is noticed – while it is freshest – but graffiti cleaning is not an easy job, nor is it cheap. Graffiti removal costs the US approximately $12 billion a year. Fortunately, anti graffiti paint makes removing graffiti easier and more affordable.

This article will provide you with what you need to know to determine whether anti graffiti coating is the solution you need, and which is the best anti graffiti paint product for your specific graffiti problem. We also provide a list of products to give you an idea of how much anti graffiti coating costs.

Sacrificial anti graffiti paint vs permanent anti graffiti coating

Easy to clean anti graffiti coating

The best anti graffiti paint products make substrates easy-to-clean and impervious.

Anti graffiti coating comes in two forms which are suitable for almost any substrate. Which form you choose depends upon the likelihood of your property suffering with graffiti vandalism.

Permanent anti graffiti paint

Suitable for: when the surface is likely to experience graffiti frequently.

Permanent anti graffiti paint (non-sacrificial) is nanotechnology-based, which allows the coating to become one with the substrate. These coatings form a water repellent surface where the graffiti spray paint, permanent markers, or ink cannot properly adhere; the system could also be called graffiti repellent paint. Permanent anti graffiti paint remains functional for 5 to 8 years and can withstand up to 70 graffiti removals.

Buy  permanent anti graffiti paint

Permanent Anti-Graffiti Coating
Permanent Anti-Graffiti Coating
Rainguard VandlGuard Permanent Anti-Graffiti Coating
  • Permanent Anti-Graffiti Coating
  • Suitable for: Painted and unpainted concrete, block, CMU, brick, EIFS, stucco, wood, painted metal
  • Colour: Clear/ Colourless
  • Finish: Low gloss
  • Apply with: Airless spray equipment
  • Volume: 1 Gallon
  • Based on: Cross linked Co-Polymer

Sacrificial anti graffiti coating

Suitable for: when the surface is at low to middle risk of graffiti.

Sacrificial or temporary anti graffiti paint is usually a silicone wax which washes off together with the graffiti. It forms a protective film to which the graffiti can adhere without reaching the underlying substrate. As the coating is sacrificial, it needs to be reapplied after removing graffiti.

Buy sacrificial anti graffti coating

Rainguard International VG-7100 Vandltop Sacrificial Anti-Graffiti Protective Coating
Sacrificial Anti-Graffiti Coating
Rainguard International VG-7100 Vandltop
  • Sacrificial Anti-Graffiti Protective Coating
  • Suitable for: Concrete, stucco, eifs, brick, wood, metal, plastic, painted surface
  • Colour: Clear
  • Finish: Matte
  • Apply with: Brush, Roll, Spray
  • Volume: Available in 5 Gallon or 1 Gallon
  • Based on: Water Based Co-Polymer

Choosing best anti graffiti paint solutions for different substrates

Graffiti artists do not discriminate in terms of which substrate they tag, so anti graffiti coatings have been developed for multiple materials. There are transparent and opaque systems, and suitability for substrates varies per coating – always check the specific instructions. There are, however, some general guidelines for choosing the best anti graffiti paint based on the substrate:

Choose the best anti graffiti paint for wood

There are waxes and permanent systems for soft and hard wood. A clear anti graffiti coating system is chosen when the appearance of the wood must not be affected by the coating. However, even the best anti graffiti paint does not prevent natural greying. When the greying should not be visible, an opaque system is a better choice.

Surfaces: doors, facades, street furniture, fences and gates

the best Anti graffiti paint protects against vandalism

Anti graffiti coating protects against vandalism on wide range of substrates.

Protect concrete (masonry, stucco, brick etc.) from graffiti

The most common choice of anti graffiti paint for concrete is clear permanent system. However, opaque and sacrificial systems are also applicable.

Surfaces: bridges, facades, walls, fences and underground tunnels and stations

Prevent vandalism with anti graffiti coating for metal surfaces

Metal surfaces are most often coated with a permanent opaque or transparent system. Some waxes are also possible, but often not convenient.

Surfaces: exteriors of trains, tubes and buses as well as metal doors and sidings

Anti graffiti coating in the US – requires professionals

The removal and subsequent protection of small surfaces from graffiti can be done by amateurs, but as the surface area gets larger, the application requires more expertise. Get in touch to be connected with one of our partners to help you with your anti graffiti coating project.

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