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Axalta Coating Systems: “We paint winners”

The Axalta Coating Systems’ slogan “We paint winners” reflects its long history with the automotive coating industry – in fact, the company can be traced back to 1866 and Herberts Gmbh, a firm which produced coatings for horse-drawn carriages. Cycle forwards 150 years and the horsepower may have changed, but Axalta’s dedication to coating and protecting the vehicles of today is just as strong. Today Axalta provides a range of performance and transportation coatings for OEM and aftermarket application of light and commercial vehicles, as well as industrial coating systems. Through its Spies Hecker brand Axalta is the Official Team Supplier of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, and the coater of choice for the Mercedes-Benz Formula One car. Axalta is also the Official Paint Partner of NASCAR.

In this article we look at the Axalta Coating Systems company and the products the provide for the transportation and industrial industries.

Light vehicle OEM Axalta coatings – Chromadyne, Lumeera, HyperDur

The Axalta company image is built upon its automotive coatings. Automotive and light truck OEMs around the world use Axalta’s range of OEM coatings, from their AquaEC electrocoats and colorful basecoats to interior coatings and coatings for parts and components. Axalta has also produced a range of Harmonized Coating Technologies which provide light vehicle OEMs with coating systems that cut down on the processes and time involved in painting a vehicle. These lines include the 3-Wet System which allows application to wet successive coating layers, Eco-Concept which combines the primer and basecoat, and 2-Wet Monocoat System which combines basecoat and clearcoat. The 3-Wet system uses the specially formulated HyperDyne pre-coat to serve as foundation and to help the wet-on-wet process.

As well as the coating systems Axalta produces a range of exterior automotive coatings including HyperDur primers, Chromadyne basecoats, Vermeera color coats, and Lumeera clear coats. They also develop coatings for automotive interiors to enhance the durability and aesthetic qualities of a range of components. Below is a table outlining just a few of the products Axalta produces for the light vehicle OEMs.

Axalta Brand/ProductApplicationDescription
ChromaDyneLiquid base coatA durable color coat using Axalta’s Vermeera color technology.
HyperDurLiquid primer coatA tough primer to provide chip resistance and a smooth surface for either seaprate basecoat plus clearcoat sytems or single application monocoats.
HyperDyneLiquid pre-coatSpecially formulated as part of Axalta’s 3-Wet Harmonized Coating Technology system.
LumeeraLiquid clear coatA glossy finish that protects against mars, scratches, and ultraviolet light.

Automotive refinish coatings – Cromax, Spies Hecker, Standox

Axalta’s range of automotive refinish coatings are recognized in body shops around the world. These coatings are used for everything from spot or collision repairs to total respray. Axalta is the “Official Paint Partner of NASCAR” , and Spies Hecker is the Official Team Suppluers for Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, coating the team’s Silver Arrows race cars for the last few years. In the case of Formula One, the quality, durability, and also the weight of the coating is very important in enduring track conditions and not slowing down the vehicle. The Axalta brands which offer refinish coatings are Challenger, Cromax, Duxone, Nason, Poly-Primer, Spies Hecker, Standox, and Syrox. Each brand produces coatings which perform slightly differently and are intended for specialized areas of the market.

Cromax Hot Hues HHM-6390 Hot Efx BrilliantzThree-component basecoatA color coat which allows for infinite styling opportunities due to its diffractive pigments which give the illusion of movement.
Nason SelectPrime 4221-172K urethane primerA primer coating to maximise distinctness of image while providing a high build.
Spies Hecker Permasolid HS Diamond Clear Coat 8450Urethane clear coatA VOC compliant clear coat designed for repairs to vehicles OEM finished with a scratch resistant clear coat.
Standox 2K EP Primer AerosolAerosol epoxy primerA chromate -free adhesion promoter and spray filler.

Commercial vehicle coatings – Centari, Imron, PercoTopImron is Axalta's heavy duty coating line.

Coatings designed for commercial transportation including heavy duty trucks, buses, rail, and utility trucks require tougher coatings than those for light vehicles. The rigors of the road and the extended service time in all kinds of weather mean the coatings need to withstand more, and better. In the rail industry Axalta provides both OEM and refurbishment coatings for passenger carriages, high speed trains, locomotives, tramway, and metro interiors and exteriors. For heavy duty trucks there are also powder coatings for chassis, supports, brackets and other components. The brands that cover this sector are Alesta (powder coating), Imron (buses, trucks, rail), and PercoTop and Centari (European brands).

Imron coating are the transportation go-to, and they cover the entire color and performance range, from primers to topcoats and more. They are all low in VOC emissions and are formulated to be environmentally responsible. Imron coatings are used by both OEM and refinish shops for fleet repair, and their durability, aesthetics, wear resistance and decreased maintenance and upkeep costs make them an easy choice.

Industrial coating – Dura Coat, Ellis Paints, Tufcote

Axalta offers both liquid and powder coating for a wide range of industrial applications. These applications include coil coatings, industrial wood coatings, architectural coatings, Agriculture, Construction and Earthmoving equipment coatings (ACE), metal coatings, pipeline coating, energy solution coatings, and more. The coating technologies range from fluorocarbon polyesters and fusion bonded epoxy powder coating to heavy duty enamel coatings and can be applied to everything from kitchen cabinets to rollercoasters.

Under Axalta’s Dura Coat brand one can find their coil coatings, extrusion coatings, and tube coatings. These include the Durapon range, the Ceranamel range, and the XT range. Coil coating is a continuous and automated process by which a coil of  thin flat metal sheet goes through each stage of the coating process, from cleaning to coating to curing, and is then recoiled, all in the space of minutes. These coatings are used for interior and exterior surfaces such as appliances, architectural features like roofs and paneling, HVAC, and office furniture.

The Alesta powder coating range is used for architectural coatings, Nap-Gard fucntional powder coatings are used for corrosion protection for internal and external pipe for oil and gas pipelines, and Abcite thermoplastic powder coatings are formulated for toughness and chip reistance. The Ellis Paints products are a recent addition to Axalta’s industrial coating portfolio, and they range from the heavy duty Engard line to the multi-purpose Hy-Lux.

Alesta AbciteThermoplastic powder coatingsA range of powder coatings for long-lasting protection against corrosion in one layer. Available for industrial glassware, marine and offshore structures, and outdoor furniture.
Dura Coat Durapon 70PVDF coil coatingA 70% polyvinyl fluoride coating designed to provide outstanding protection against acid rain and corrosive environments with a long-lasting finish.
Plascoat PP20Polypropylene powder coatingA powder coating that is suitable for pipelines subjected to very high temperatures, up to 250°F.
Tufcote 142 Acrylic Non-skid TopcoatSingle-component acrylic coatingAn anti-skid coating that is tough, low gloss, water and corrosion resistant. Applied as a topcoat to a range of surfaces except galvanized steel and inorganic zinc.

An overview of the Axalta Coating Systems brands

The extensive range of high quality coatings provided by Axalta is what makes them a globally recognized and trusted brand name. Below are the coatings produced by Axalta grouped by purpose.

Light vehicle OEM coatings

  • AquaEC Electrocoats
  • Chromadyne
  • Eco-Concept
  • HyperDur Primers
  • HyperDyne Pre-Coat
  • Lumeera Clear Coat
  • Vermeera
  • 2-Wet Monocoat System
  • 3-Wet System

Automotive refinish coatings

  • Challenger
  • Cromax
  • Duxone
  • Hot Hues
  • Nason
  • Poly-Primer
  • Spies Hecker
  • Standox
  • Syrox

Commercial vehicle and transportation coatings

  • Alesta
  • Imron
  • PercoTop

Industrial coatings

  • Century Industrial Coatings
  • Ceranamel coil coating
  • Color Choice
  • Corlar Epoxies
  • Dura Coat coil coating
  • Durapon 70
  • Engard
  • Ganicin
  • Hydropon
  • Hy-Lux
  • Lifeshield
  • Maximus
  • Nason Industrial
  • Tufcote
  • Ultraguard
  • Voltatex
  • XT
  • Zenith