Epoxy-Phenolic Coating

Epoxy-phenolic coating

What is epoxy-phenolic coating and why use it?

Epoxy-phenolic coating offer consistent high quality protection for a wide range of applications including immersion service for most acids, solvents, and salts. This epoxy-phenolic coatings is typically used where low pH environments and higher temperatures are factors. These phenolic coaters have excellent resistance to 92% – 98% sulfuric acid at temperatures up to 120°F. Phenolic coatings are also resistant to hydrochloric acid, phenol, anhydrous chlorobenzene, carbon tetrachloride, and many other chemicals. Phenolic coatings are also know to be great for fasteners.

Epoxy-phenolic coatings suppliers in the USA

Metal Coatings Corp
3700 Dunvale
Houston, Texas, 77063
Phone: 888-371-9849


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