A Guide to Fire Retardant Paint for Steel and Metal

The different types of Fire retardant paint coatings

Fireproof paint or fire retardant paint is a type of coating you can apply on a surface to help prevent fire accidents. The coating refers to a substance layer which is significantly immune to fire.  These coatings help reduce the flammability of fuels that are likely to result in hazardous fire incidents.

Nowadays, there are different types of fire resistant coatings: intumescent paint and fire retardant coatings. Most of them release fire resistant gasses when becoming hot. Intumescent paint, for instance, extends in heat and forms a fire resistant foam layer which protects the substrate from burning. We call these coatings fire resistant, but they’re not completely immune for burning. For that matter, a fire resistant coating slows down the burning process.

With the help of a fire retardant paint, people get more time to leave a burning building. Consequently, using these coatings can remarkably reduce the number of human injuries caused by fire. You can use fire retardant paint on different structures. For instance:

  • Office buildings;
  • Hallways;
  • Parking garages;
  • Houses & apartments;
  • Skyscrapers;
  • The front facade of a building;
  • Concrete supporting structures.

Various legal regulations have set a minimum safety standard that all buildings must meet. Applying coating can help builders meet these criteria.

Fireproof paint for different materials

  • Steel – When exposed to high temperatures the steel structure of a building can collapse. When applied, steel coating can provide fire protection up to 90 minutes;

Buy fireproof paint for steel

INSL-X Fire retardant paint
INSL-X Fire Retardant Paint
INSL-X Fire Retardant Paint for steel
  • Suitable for: Interior use on primed or previously painted metal, wood, drywall, cellulose tile, cured plaster, masonry
  • Colour: White
  • Finish: Flat
  • Resin Type: Vinyl Acrylic
  • Rating: Class A ASTM E-84 (NFPA 255) and S-102
  • Wood – One of the fastest burning materials can be upgraded to withstand fire for 30 or even 60 minutes;

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Fireproof FiretTect Flame retardant for wood
Fireproof FiretTect Flame retardant
Fireproof FiretTect Flame retardant for wood
  • Suitable for: Interior use on raw wood and most textile fibers
  • Colour: appearance of water
  • Finish:  –
  • Base: Water-based
  • Rating: Class A / Class 1 ASTM E-84, CA Title 19 1236.4, NFPA 255, UL 723, UBC 42-1
  • Concrete – has fire retardant properties itself. However, if coated, it is likely that the concrete surface will retain its strength to a greater extend.

Buy fireproof paint for concrete

FireGuard® E-84
ForceField FireGuard E-84 intumescent coating
ForceField FireGuard E-84 intumescent coating for concrete masonry
  • Suitable for: Interior use on sheetrock, oriented strand board (OSB), wood, concrete, sheet metal, steel, woods
  • Colour: White
  • Finish: Flat
  • Resin Type: Proprietary polymer (Water-based)
  • Rating: Class A, -ASTM E-119, ASTM E-84 Tested

Fire retardant paint for metal and steel

Metals can catch fire quite easily as they tend to be very reactive. Structures that are made out of metal can be very vulnerable as such. Therefore, they need to be protected from accidents and fire hazards. Fire retardant paint can be applied on metal structures. These structures may include metal bridges and buildings. Given the critical nature of their construction, even the slightest of accident can result in huge losses. Heavy industries also make use of metals quite often. Also, these industries have plants whose temperatures can rise quite significantly which increases the chances of fire. You prevent a fire from starting with a special coating.

You can protect structural steel with a fireproof coating. Steel rods can be made more robust and efficient if they are applied with coatings. Steel rods are very common in modern buildings and factories. Intumescent coating can protect these structures from hazardous situations. Furthermore, you can buildings and industries as well as other items made of steel ,that we use every day.

This is again an example of meeting the safety standard criteria set by professional bodies. A lot of constructions are made of steel and a coating allows developers to meet the outlined safety standard in a very cost-effective manner.

Fire retardant paint for wood

Fire retardant paint for wood is very effective in terms of protecting wooden surfaces from fire. Various neighborhoods these days have wooden fences that can easily catch fire. Applying fire retardant coatings on these fences can reduce the risk. Not only this, but since the wood will be protected, it will last for a longer while. This means applying these coatings can make a wooden surface more durable and robust.

Furthermore, almost every house has a number of electrical appliances. This increases the risk of a fire. Given that most houses are made out of timber, applying a fire retardant coating on the walls can provide extra safety from accidents.

Fire retardant paint for concrete

Concrete cannot be set on fire, has a high degree of fire resistance and, in the majority of applications, is described as virtually fireproof. However, applying a protective coating controls the rise in temperature and protects the structure from the rapid shift in temperature. A rise in temperature can cause the building to collapse. In the event of a fire, concrete protected by by a fire retardant paint is much more likely to retain its structural integrity, thus saving the expense of having to demolish and start from scratch.

fire retardant paint for steel

fire retardant paint for steel

The need for fire retardant paint in USA

The nation’s largest fires in terms of direct property loss were two fires that occurred in California in 2015. These fires ranked among the most costly in the state’s history. Combined, the fires destroyed thousands of homes and other structures, six deaths occurred, and this resulted in a loss of almost $2 billion dollars. In nine of the past 10 years, at least one fire resulted in a loss of more than $100 million. Over the past 10 years, there have been 24 fires with more than $100 million in losses, including two with more than $1 billion in losses.

Adhering to the fire protection principles reflected in NFPA’s codes and standards is essential if we are to reduce the occurrence of large-loss fires and explosions in the United States. Proper construction and a fire retardant coating, amongst other things, will make fires less likely to occur and help limit fire spread should a fire occur.

Please contact us if you want to know more about what a fire retardant paint can do to reduce the change on fire accidents in your situation. We are happy to inform you.

How to apply fireproof paint

The application of fire retardant paints happen at construction sites, in the factory (prefab) or a combination of both. One applies the paint with an airless spray paint equipment or with a brush or roller. The coatings are available in safety coating shops. However, some hardware stores might offer the products as well. In general, fire resistant paint is available online and in stores.  The prices of the coatings depends on the substrate material and required quantity.

Though it seems easy to apply, it is definitely a specialist job. You need to follow strict building and fire prevention regulations and the fire retardancy needs calculation for each and every material. In some states, after you apply fire resistant paint you’ll receive a certificate.

Fire retardant paint suppliers in USA

There are several suppliers of fire resistant paint in the United States. You can buy them online, for instance at: Home Depot, Joann’s Fabrics, Menard’s, Select Shaw Dealers and Sherwin Williams. The fire retardant paint is also available at the following suppliers:

Firetect, Inc.
28298 Constellation RoadValencia, CA 91355
Phone Numbers: (661) 295-3473 (Fire) / (800) 380-8801
Fax Number: (661) 295-3880
Email Address: info@firetect.com

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Shield Industries, Inc.
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Raleigh, NC 27609

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