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Garage floor coating protects, beautifies and increases safety

A garage floor needs to be one of the hardest working surfaces. It is regularly exposed to oil and grease, heavy duty chemicals, heat, abrasion, and heavy mechanical loads. To protect your floor from everything you throw at it, it pays to invest in garage floor coating. Especially in  bitter winters where a garage faces the extra trauma of the icy, freezing conditions, the bare uninsulated concrete of a garage floor can be damaged, not to mention leave the room frigid and unpleasant. A garage floor coating also provides a seamless finish which increases the safety of the space, and can be formulated in a range of attractive colours and finishes.

In this article we look at the range of garage floor coating options including epoxy and polyurethane, and showcase a selection of  garage floor paint products in the United States.

5 reasons you need garage floor paint

Though concrete seems indestructible, it needs protection too. A garage floor paint is one way in which to protect the surface – it is a durable and cost effective solution to create a hard-wearing surface that can withstand the demands of the space. As well as durability, there are other benefits to these garage floor coatings:

  1. Easier to clean – makes the surface less porous and prevents absorption of oil, petrol and grease as well as being seamless and smooth
  2. Hides imperfections on the floor
  3. Increases safety by making the floor less slippery and increasing brightness through reflections
  4. Positively contributes to the atmosphere in the garage
  5. More cost effective than other garage floor finishing options (especially with epoxy floor paint)

Buy garage floor coating

ToughPoxy Professional Floor Coating Kit Dark Gray Semi Gloss
ToughPoxy Professional Floor Coating Kit
  • Dark Gray
  • Semi Gloss
Rust-Oleum RockSolid Garage Floor Coating Kit Smoky Blue Pearlescent
Rust-Oleum RockSolid Garage Floor Coating Kit
  • Smoky Blue
  • Pearlescent
Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield Professional Floor Coating Kit Dunes Tan Semi Gloss
Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield Professional Floor Coating Kit
  • Dunes Tan
  • Semi Gloss
Rust-Oleum Rocksolid Garage Floor Coating Kit Mocha High Gloss
Rust-Oleum Rocksolid Garage Floor Coating Kit
  • Mocha
  • High Gloss
INSL-X Hot Trax Concrete & Garage Floor Paint Light Gray
INSL-X Hot Trax Concrete & Garage Floor Paint
  • Light Gray
  • Satin

Epoxy floor paint and other garage floor coating types

Due to the need for heavy-duty durability, garage floor paints are generally polymeric coatings like epoxy, polyurethane, and polyaspartic. These three coatings all have different strengths, as outlined below:

  • Epoxy coating – The industry go-to for all coatings, epoxy is incredibly durable, hard-wearing, chemical and acid resistant, abrasion resistant, adhesive, easy-to-clean and attractive.
    Recommended for industrial and commercial high traffic garages, when there is no risk of exposure to UV radiation. Also domestic applications of epoxy floor paint are possible.
  • Polyurethane coating – Often used as a topcoat to an epoxy cement flooring, it is durable, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, UV resistant, and more flexible than epoxies (and so softer underfoot).
    Recommended for commercial low traffic garages and home garages. Especially suitable on new concrete floors (where epoxy lacks flexibility).
  • Polyaspartic coating – Also known as aliphatic polyurea, polyaspartic provides a seamless hygienic surface, UV resistance, cold temperature application, chemical and water resistance, and an attractive finish.
    Recommended for low to medium traffic garages, also suitable for outside parking areas.

An epoxy floor paint is often the most suitable option, unless there is a factor that makes using epoxy impossible; such factors include application on new concrete, UV exposure and minimum downtime (epoxy floor paint requires up to 3 days to cure depending on the thickness).

Self smoothing /self levelling epoxy floor paint

If you are after a seamless, smooth garage floor and have a little more to spend, a self leveling or self smoothing floor coating is what you are after. These polymeric resin floor coatings are poured onto a floor and spread across it, allowing the coating to smooth out over the floor profile. Self leveling floor coating is stronger the thicker it is applied; for heavy and very heavy duty applications it should be applied at 4-6mm while medium to heavy duty applications require 2-3mm. The most popular self level flooring is an epoxy floor paint. The USA have several suppliers of such garage floor epoxy; for example Rust-Oleum.

Garages are places where damaging chemicals and oils are used on a daily basis, much of it ending up on the floor. For a concrete floor, these substances can seep in and destroy it. By adding a self leveling coating to the concrete, the floor becomes seamless, easier to work on, highly resistant to abrasion and impact, as well as hot tire pickup. Though epoxy is by far the most popular, polyurethane is chosen for this application where the feel of the flooring is important or where there is direct exposure to sunlight.

Garage floor epoxy – overview of services

There are many garage floor coating manufacturers and suppliers who deliver their coatings to the Northern American market. Whether you need epoxy garage floor paint or polyurethane or aspartic, there is a company ready to supply your needs. For the best results, you should always contact a professional – there is no substitute for a trained specialist applied coating. Thankfully, for the application of a garage floor epoxy, the US have specialists operating in every state.

If you want our assistance with your garage floor coating, get in touch! Our experts are here to help with your project. In collaboration with our coating partners we will connect you with the right coating for your needs. Our quotation service is 100% free, so contact us today

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