Metal Coating Los Angeles

The protective power of metal coating

So you have a metal project that needs coating. Whether you need anodizing, galvanizing, or powder coating, we have your metal coating Los Angeles. Find here a comprehensive list of the metal coating companies working in the Los Angeles area. If you want more information, please contact our coating experts, who will be happy to connect you with your coating solution.

Anodizing: for aluminum, titanium, and zinc

Also know as electrolytic oxidation, anodizing is the process of forming a layer of oxide on the surface of a substrate. While anodizing is most common with aluminum, it can also be used on other metals such as titanium and zinc. Because the oxide layer is integrated with the substrate itself, this coating cannot chip or peel. It also is highly durable, easy to maintain, can be finished in many colors and glosses, and protects the substrate from corrosion.


Galvanizing is a metal coating process in which a layer of zinc is applied to a ferrous metal (most often steel or iron) to prevent corrosion. Most common is hot dip galvanizing, where a piece of steel is dipped into a bath of molten zinc. While in the bath the substrate reacts with the molten zinc and forms a tightly bonded alloy coating, so the coating becomes part of the substrate rather than just a surface layer. Hot dip galvanization forms a coating that is tough, durable, anti corrosion, long-lasting, and sustainable.

The finish is gray (zinc), shiny, and has a crystalline appearance called spangle. Over time all galvanized parts will weather to a uniform matte gray as the coating develops its protective zinc patina.

Powder coating

By applying a powder coat to a substrate you are making it more durable, abrasion resistant, fade resistant, long-lasting, and attractive – with the range of finishes available (including iridescent, glitter, gloss and candy) you can have whatever look you need for your final product.

Metal coating Los Angeles companies and contractors

As with any project, the substrate, its environment and its intended end-use are all vitally important to your coating choices. If you need any coating guidance, or would like us to connect you with the best coating partner for your needs, please contact us!

Anodizing Anodizing Industries Industrial and automotive
LNL Anodizing Industrial and commercial
Valmont-George Industrial and  commercial
Barry Avenue Plating Company, Inc Industrial and commercial
MetalChem Plating & Coating Commercial, aerospace, and military applications
Rapid Anodizing Industrial
K&L Anodizing Industrial
Jenco Plating Inc Industrial and commercial
Plateronics Processing Industrial
Galvanizing LA Galvanizing Industrial
Atlas Galvanizing LLC Industrial and commercial
Moore Galvanizing Extra wide projects, industrial and commercial
Powder Coating Sundial Powder Coating Residential
Tortoise Industries Commercial and residential
WAAG Automotive, industrial and residential
Valmont-George Industries Decorative and functional
Aircoat Inc. Aircraft, medical, and computer
Powder Coat Unlimited Automotive and residential
Andrews Powder Coating Inc. Automotive, architectural, and industrial
Safeway Sandblaster Automotive, commercial and residential
Diamond Hand-Crafted Artistic Ironworks Residential, commercial, and automotive
Pyramid Powder Coating Industrial, architectural, and automotive
Quality Powder Coatings Residential, industrial and commercial
Beach Cities Powder Coating Commercial and automotive
MetalChem Plating & Coating Commercial aerospace and military applications
Crisol Metal Finishing Commercial, residential, and industrial
Alpha Powder Coat Automotive and commercial
American PVD Automotive
D&G Powder Coating Automotive and residential


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