powdewr coating appliances such as hoovers is common

Powder coating appliances creates durable and attractive surfaces

Our appliances are an important part of our daily lives. Just making that first cup of tea with breakfast in the morning uses a kettle, a fridge, and, depending on whether you are a toast or fry-up person, a toaster and oven or microwave. These appliances need to stand up to accidental knocks and bumps as well as wear, heat, and cleaning. Powder coating appliances is an excellent solution for finding a coating that is protective and durable as well as attractive. The current trend in appliances is color – whether black, white, or retro-inspired pastels – and powder coating appliances provides a range of colors and finishes to bring a space to life.

In this article we look at why powder coating appliances makes sense for your project as well as the companies that provide powder coating appliances services in the USA.

The benefits of powder coating appliances

powder coating appliances done on an orange fridge

Decoration and required protection are achieved by powder coating appliances.

70-75% of OEM-applied coatings in the appliance industry are powder coatings. The range of benefits of powder coating appliances provides advantages for coaters, end-users, and the environment. These benefits include:

  • Cost and time efficient – The ease of an automated process, simple application, one-coat finishes, and a cure time of minutes rather than days makes powder coating appliances an economical choice.
  • Durable and hard-wearing –  Abrasion resistant, anti-chipping, and anti-scratching, powder coating protects from the wear and tear of daily use.
  • Highly resistant – Powder coating gives a substrate the temperature, corrosion, and chemical resistance necessary for a range of applications, from kettles to ovens and dishwashers.
  • Health and eco-friendly – Powder coating is solvent-free, so there are no VOC emissions which are harmful to coaters and the environment. Overspray powder can be recollected and recycled with a recovery rate of 95%, so there is little to no wastage.
  • Aesthetically versatile – A huge number of colors, textures, and effects are available, as well as details like film thickness.

The technology and chemistry behind powder coating appliances

There are two types of powder coating powder: thermosetting and thermoplastic. The difference between these is method through which the coating cures. Thermoset coatings bind through crosslinking, forming a network of long chain polymers which give the coating its durability and resistance. Thermoplastic coatings do not form crosslinks and are not heat-stable. Thermoset coatings are used for powder coating appliances.

The resins used for powder coating appliances include epoxy, polyester, epoxy-polyester, and polyurethane. The most common resin type is polyester, or an epoxy-polyester hybrid. These coatings are applied as primers, base coats, top coats, and special effects coats. Powder coating is a process by which a dry powder is applied to a substrate through a combination of electrostatic charge and baking. The dry powder is given an electrostatic charge by a specially designed spray gun, and when the charged powder is sprayed onto a grounded substrate it adheres. The piece is then baked, and the powder melts and flows, forming a solid coating. This is the reason behind the flawless finish and adhesion of a powder coat.

American specialists in applying powder coating for appliances

With 75% of appliances undergoing OEM-applied powder coating, the industry has an unsurprisingly large number of companies that supply these coatings. The top coating companies such as AkzoNobel (through their power coating brand Interpon), Axalta, and PPG all have partnerships with well known appliance brands in the US. These partnerships allow innovation and customization to meet the needs of the appliance manufacturers and the customer.

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Appliances manufacturers partner up with powder coating companies

Big appliance companies rely on partnerships with powder coating companies for their products. Long-time partners Whirlpool and AkzoNobel worked together to find a way to cut coating costs by reducing the film thickness of the appliance coating. AkzoNobel had the coating technology to achieve this without sacrificing quality. Jotun partners with Electrolux and Panasonic, and their Reveal Edge powder coating range coats appliances from kettles to freezers.

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