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Durable, versatile, and attractive – why you need powder coating

Powder coating is a resilient coating that uses powdered paint that is baked onto a surface. It is durable, tough, chemical and abrasion resistant, and available in a wide variety of attractive finishes. Because there is no solvent, powder coating emits little to zero VOCs and the powder itself is recyclable, making it one of the greener coating options. The benefits and range of powder coating is too great to get into here, if you want to know more about the powder coating process head to our powder overview. From the Dallas Cowboys Art Collection at AT&T Stadium to the shiny wheels on your neighbor’s beloved car, powder coating is everywhere. For those looking for powder coating Dallas has a range of businesses offering services from industrial to personal.

In this article we provide you with a list of powder coating Dallas businesses and the services they provide for the Dallas area.

Powder coating Dallas businesses and services

The powder coating companies that provide services to the Dallas area cover a wide range of substrates, sizes, and applications. It is always wise to contact a powder coater before you turn up at their shop to find out if they have the oven capacity and size required for the piece or pieces you are powder coating. Though powder coaters may charge slightly differing prices across a city, they tend to determine these prices using the same variables. Below is the list of powder coating businesses in the Dallas area.

If you would like to know more about a specific powder coater’s certifications before you make a decision, the Powder Coating Institute provides a list of the companies who have completed the PCI 3000 certification, as well as a members list.

Powder Coating Dallas CompanyLocationServices Offered
3-D Powder Coating5020 Grisham Street, Rowlett, TX 75088Automotive, architectural, commercial, and personal powder coating
Ace Powder Coating3637 Marquis Dr #105, Garland, TX 75042Automotive and decor powder coating
Crosslink Powder Coating Corporation11122 Morrison St, Dallas, TX 75229Automotive, commercial, and residential powder coating
Custom Powder Coating8804 Sovereign Row, Dallas, TX 75247Automotive, retail, residential, and industrial powder coating
Dallas Texas Tool & Die, Inc.4400 Singleton Blvd, Dallas, TX 75212Industrial powder coating
DFW Coating Concepts6825 Vineridge Dr, Dallas, TX 75248Powder coating services
E Powder Coating LLC1013 Dalworth Dr, Mesquite, TX 75149Architectural, residential, automotive, and commercial powder coating
Focus Powder Coating2805 Logan St, Dallas, TX 75215Automotive, industrial, residential, and commercial powder coating
Kwicksilver Dallas3741 Mingo Rd #203, Denton, TX 76208Wheel/rim powder coating
Powder & Protective Coatings of Texas4770 Gretna St, Dallas, TX 75207Residential, industrial, architectural, and sculptural powder coating
Quality Powder Coating LLC1838 Forms Dr, Carrollton, TX 75006Architectural, manufacturing, and decorative powder coating
Radd Services11624 Chairman Dr, Dallas, TX 75243Automotive and heavy equipment powder coating and restoration
Riddle Metal Works11501 Hillguard Rd, Dallas, TX 75243Automotive and industrial powder coating
Tuff Powdercoating2427 Glenda Ln, Dallas, TX 75229Industrial, architectural, residential, commercial, and automotive powder coating
Unit F14 Powder Coating601 J Pl #200, Plano, TX 75074Automotive refinish powder coating
Xtreme Powder Coating2446 W Main St #100, Grand Prairie, TX 75050Automotive and residential powder coating

If you have a large powder coating project, or would like to source powders for coating, get in touch! Our experts are here to help. Simply tell us about your project through the “Request a Quote” contact and we will connect you with the coating for your needs.