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What to expect from powder coating prices

Powder coating is a durable and decorative coating that is equally at home protecting hard-wearing machinery and weatherproofing patio furniture. Its range of applications covers automotive, industrial, marine, and residential sectors, and its range of benefits includes extreme durability, cost efficiency, eco-friendly formulation, and versatility. It is no wonder that it is a billion-dollar industry, or that there are plenty of powder coating companies operating across North America. However, like most things powder coating prices vary from coast to coast, but there are some general rules to work out the average costs.

In this article we will outline the powder coating prices for industrial, commercial, and automotive applications, as well as some general guidelines as to how these prices are determined. We will also provide a number of powder coating companies operating in the US, and example prices for rims, motorcycles, fences, and more.

Factors that affect powder coating prices

Powder coating any item requires several steps, and depending on the quantity, volume and substrates there can be extra considerations which affect the final cost. The contributing factors to the final powder coating cost include:

  • Surface preparation and pre-treatment
    A substrate needs to be prepared in order to have an effective and successful coating. In order to ensure this, a substrate is pre-treated by cleaning, degreasing, stripping, and/or abrasive blasting. If there is already powder coating that needs to be removed, or uncoatable parts that need masking or removing, this will add to the cost.
  • Item size, shape, quantity, and metal type
    The surface area of an item determines the cost; A fence may be a larger piece than a table top but as the surface area is smaller, this will be reflected in the price. Whether the powder coating applicator uses an automated line or manually organized batch system can also affect cost – if you have a large number of parts to coat, an automated line is the better option. Large volume often qualifies for discounts in powder coating price per square foot. Metal type also changes price as some metals may require extra primer or treatment.
  • Stock vs non-stock colors and finishes
    Powders, like liquid paints, come in a variety of chemistries including epoxy, polyester, nylon, and polyurethane. They range in cost; polyester powder coating is the cheapest option and the more heavy-duty types such as fluoropolymers are at the more expensive end. Each powder coater will have a variety of stock colors available, as well as a catalog of possible options. Ordering in non-stock powders will of course increase the price. More unusual colors or finishes will also cost more. Powders are cheaper by weight in greater quantities so the more surface you coat, the lower the powder cost per pound will be.

As well as these factors, location will play a big part in powder coating cost. Powder coaters in Detroit will charge different rates to powder coaters in San Francisco, and prices will even vary within state. With the range between city and country prices, it is always best to shop around to find your best option.

Powder coating price list – averages and flat rates

Below we have collated a list of the average price for some of the most common powder coating projects, from automotive powder coating to agricultural applications. If you have a large-scale powder coating project and are looking for the right product and specialist for the job, get in touch! Our experts are here to help. Simply use the “Request a Quote” button beneath this article and tell us a little about your project so that we can best determine which coating is right for you.

How powder coating prices are determined

All powder coaters will judge a job individually, and cost estimates made sight unseen are just that: estimates. That said, rates for common items like powder coating rims or powder coating motorcycle frames have become an easily estimated because they are very replicable. Less common items and unusual forms may require extra preparation work or extra coating which will alter the price and are therefore more often costed individually.

For most jobs the powder coating price reflects the cost of powder coating per square foot. For sheet metal or larger jobs, powder coaters will quote a price based on the square footage of the surface area. For jobs like fences and railings the price will be per foot in length. Not all powder coaters have the same equipment, and it is important that you contact your local applicator to ensure they have the oven size and capability to coat your part beforehand.

Powder Coating Bicycle PartPowder Coating Price Estimate/Rate
Bicycle frame incl. forks$70-90
Bicycle handlebars$20
Bicycle rims$20-25 each
Powder Coating Motorcycle and ATV Part
Axle housing$175-200
ATV frame (3 wheeler)$200
ATV frame (4 wheeler)$250
Dirt bike frame$200
Harley Davidson frame$200-300
Motorcycle exhaust$75 and up
Motorcycle and ATV rims$50 and up, each
Powder Coating Automotive Parts
Car bumpers$200 and up
Carburetor $100-200
Drive shaft$50
Hubcaps$25 each
Luggage Rack$100-150
Wheels – Standard steel 13″$50-60 each
Wheels – Aluminium 13″/22″$75/$125
Powder Coating Outdoor Furniture
Bar stool$80-100
Side chair$50-75
Love seat (two person)$100-150
Patio table round, small$100-130
Patio table rectangle, small$50-100
Powder Coating Miscellaneous
Grates$10 per square foot
Hand railings (no spindles)$10 per foot
Porch railings by length (assuming spindle height of 3 feet)$15 per foot
Sheet metal$6 per square foot
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