Powder coating prices
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A Powder Coating Pricing Guide for the USA

What to expect from powder coating prices Powder coating is a durable and decorative coating that is equally at home protecting hard-wearing machinery and weatherproofing patio furniture. Its range of applications covers automotive, industrial,…
Vantablack paint Surrey Nanosystems
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Vantablack: The Blackest Black

So black it absorbs lasers: Vantablack paint You remember the Looney Tunes cartoons you used to watch as a kid, where Wile E. Coyote would dig an impossibly round and black hole for the Road Runner to unwittingly fall into, only for the Road…
urine repellent paint on a wall where to men are taking a leak against
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Urine Repellent Paint | Anti Urine Coating

Urine repellent paint: say goodbye to that horrible smell on property and walls Anyone walking through a modern city has smelt it; passing a dark alley or secluded doorway and suddenly there is the waft of stale urine. Public urination is a…
light reflective paint
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Top 5 Benefits of Light Reflective Paint

Light reflective paint provides safety through visibility Whether you drive a car, a bus, a motorbike, or a bicycle, driving at night can be dangerous. Obstacles and signs, so clear during the day, are harder to see and also to avoid. Light…
plastic coating paint the most common automotive interior paint applied in blue and black
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The Resin Behind Automotive Soft Touch Paint for Plastic Interiors

Automotive interior paint for a durable & comfortable car interior Plastics are being used more and more in the automotive industry to make vehicles safer and more efficient. The average vehicle today is 8% plastic parts by weight and,…
polyurea coating
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Polyurea Coating - What It Is and How Your Project Can Benefit from It

Polyurea coating offers flexible heavy duty protection Despite being used for nearly three decades, polyurea coating is still the relative new kid on the block. However, polyurea's durability, flexibility, and flexability means that it has…
fire retardant paint for meatl applied in a stair case
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A Guide to Fire Retardant Paint for Steel and Metal

Support passive fire protection systems with fire retardant paint Each year in the United States there are half a million structural fires which cause thousands of civilian deaths and injuries, and billions of dollars in property damage. In…
Anti slip paint for metal
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Anti Slip Paint for Metal

Slippery when wet: avoid falls with anti slip paint for metal Every year in the US, one third of people over the age of 65 experience a fall. Falls are the leading cause of emergency room visits, representing 20% of admissions. Metal stairs,…